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Paint Protection Film

Our Paint Protection Film will preserve and protect your yachts quality finish, paint, gelcoat, veneer, granite, & stainless. The film is optically clear and almost indistuinguishable with self-healing properties.

Our products have been proven over time to protect against wear and tear, maintaining the prestine look that all yacht owners expect. Our protection film holds up under high heat, salt spray, and UV exposure. As well as exhaust smoke, oil, wine, and chemical spills, rubbing abrasions, acid rain, bird droppings, bug acids, & tree sap.

Protect the Obvious:

  • Fender Scratching Protection
  • Line Rubbing Protection
  • Small Docking Dings, Scuffs, Scratches, & Nicks
  • Exterior Granite & Marble Abrasion with Polished Protection (No Waxing or Polishing in Proteced Areas!) No Repeated Polishing, the Stone is Protected. 
  • Protects Teak Hand Rails, Interior Veneer Walls. Protects Dings & Small Scratches, Self-Healing
  • Polished Stainless Steel, Abrasion Protection 
  • Overall Protection of High Traffic Areas

Get That Shine to Last! Full Warrenty Against Yellowing, Discoloration, Peeling, Cracking, and Hazing

Our Self-Healing Paint Protection can be installed by our Certified Installer ANYWHERE on your Vessel's Interior, Exterior, Engine Room, Tender Garage. Anywhere there is an Abrasion Risk or High Traffic can be Protected.

Protect Your Investment, Pride of Ownership, & Resale Value. Keep Maintenance Costs Down.

We've Got You Completly Covered!!!

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